Range: Frontline – 4 sizes

Limb protectors are intended to reduce or prevent the severity of soft tissue or other injuries resulting from blunt trauma to the areas covered by the protectors.

For a detailed description of the purpose of limb protection and the levels of protection offered by each range please click on technical specification and user guide.

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Protection Level 2 – 4 sizes – CE Marked to BS 7971 -4

This range sets a new benchmark in limb protection. Stronger, lighter and even more durable than other limb protectors this high level protection range is a must for frontline personnel.

Harvesting customer feedback has always been the catalyst for Arnolds product development programme and the frontline range has been developed from this.
Independently tested this aesthetically pleasing range boasts the very latest features in impact attenuation and complies with the impact attenuation demands of British Standards BS 7971-4 click on technical specification and user guide for full analysis of the properties of the range.

FrontLine Range


Frontline Forearm & Elbow


Shin & Knee Protector


Shoulder Upper Arm


Frontline Upper Arm Protector


Thigh Protector


Metatarsal Protector